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I am a widower with one son, Adam, who's just coming up for his 21st birthday. At the age of 18 I had dropped out of polytechnic where I was studying for a degree and then had a variety of jobs (and some periods of unemployment!) until I was 38 and unemployed after a failed franchise. I had always regretted not continuing with my degree, and now was my chance! I went to the University of Surrey and gained a first class honours degree in computing. As part of the course I did a year out in industry and was sponsored through my final year and am now working as computer systems administrator in Surrey. I've always liked the outdoors and until I was about 32 always rode a motorcycle despite having a car license. Finances dictated the use of a car as you need a car with a baby and I couldn't afford a car and motorcycle, but I missed riding! I lost my hair in 1986 which was quite a shock as I'd always had long hair and a beard, however I got used to it and find that now the only hair I miss is my eyelashes and eyebrows as I'm prone to getting dust and sweat in my eyes other than that I don't care that I'm bald. Physically I'm six foot two with eyes of blue and slightly overweight due to my love of food and cooking (never trust a thin chef!).


Today was stage one of the journey home. Whilst there is plenty more to see in Cologne my ‘itchy’ feet (or should that be wheels?) were making themselves felt so it was time to move on. If Time had been more plentiful I would have headed further afield (Switzerland, Poland, Hungary . . . all places I’d like to go) but with time limited finding somewhere vaguely in the direction of home seemed to make sense. My colleague (and long standing friend) Loz had suggested Lille to me as a nice place to stop over whilst we were discussing my trip last week and it fitted the bill as being roughly on the way back to Calais and is somewhere I’ve not been before (apart from travelling through on a train!). Continue reading

A tale of Two Trips

Hi all

I’ve recently released a book of another couple of trips to California I did a few years ago. Both trips were mainly by motorhome (with, of course, some motorcycling!). The first trip was to replace a cancelled school trip that my son, Adam, was due to go on. The second was to do the things we couldn’t do on the first trip because of the misadventures that befell us!

The Kindle version of the book became a top 3 seller in the US and has received some good reviews:

California Dreaming with a British accent! (And no spare underwear.)                         Handy is a tall, bald Englishman who likes the outdoors and motorcycles. In 2006 and again in 2007, he traveled to San Francisco with his son Adam – a long-haired teen with strong political opinions. They rented an RV and toured northern and central California. They had breakdowns, ate a lot of hamburgers, rented a Harley for day trips along the coast, took a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam, drove through the desert, had to detour around mountain roads closed due to snow, personally experienced American medical care, hiked and camped in Yosemite, and (like any two guys traveling without female supervision) left all their socks and underwear behind when they switched RV’s! They both kept journals of their trips and Handy used these as a basis for the book. The result is a very witty, entertaining and informative book. Handy’s knowledge of California history is impressive and his observations about Americans and American culture are perceptive and humorous. This is a great read! ‘Whistlers Mom

I bought this on Kindle and started to read it straight away. Very entertaining, but informative too. An all round good read. if you’re thinking of undertaking a similar trip , this is a must read. Chris has obviously thought of nearly everything or has found a solution to the problems encountered, which is helpful to read up on. ‘Football widow

I really enjoyed reading this book while I was on holiday- it made me want to follow in Chris and Adams footsteps and go to California for my next trip abroad! It was a really interesting, personal and well written insight into California from the viewpoint of travelling in a motor home. It gave a good picture of the places they visited and the characters they met on the way.It was very realistic; rather than just reviewing the more glamorous elements of their adventures it also showed the pitfalls and what can go wrong! ‘Paul Williams

A very enjoyable book, strongly recommended for anyone thinking about undertaking a holiday or journey in an RV. Full of hints and tips, what to dos and also what not to dos, It is written in an easy-to-read and entertaining style and definitely worth a look.’ Exceedus1

There is a companion website for the book where there are additional pictures from the trips and links to Amazon to buy in either Kindle or paperback format. You can find the website by clicking on:  www.taleoftwotrips.co.uk

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