Homeward Bound

After a good breakfast at the hotel I checked out and headed for down-town Abbeville to see what was happening. I soon found out: Nothing! everywhere was closed due to it being Easter Monday. Even the church was locked up! I thought that at least the church would be open on Easter Monday! I took a few photos and decided to head off to Calais early as I saw no point in wandering around empty streets looking at shuttered shops. I knew that Cite Europe was open and I wanted to pop in to get a few last minute presents and some food for supper. Continue reading

Time for reflection

I woke up feeling fit, well and rested after yesterdays general feeling of unwellness (yes that is a neologism!). The weather was dry, cold and foggy and that was good enough for me! A quick continental breakfast and I was on my way; an hour later than expected as the clocks had changed overnight unbeknown to me. Fortunately not unbeknown to my modern gizmos (eg mobile ‘phone), so they put me on the straight an narrow! The hotel was but minutes away from the Autoroute, so I pointed the bike north and dialled a suitable speed. Continue reading

Short and sweet take two!

Well that was an interesting technical experience! One that I have no wish to repeat! Ironically I’ve just seen a post on FaceBook from a friend who is about to go travelling asking whether an Android tablet is good for blogging. If you’re reading Anna: NO! I am now connected with my netbook and can write the blog I had intended to last night! To recap: Yesterday was a day for covering miles on French Autoroutes, mostly through mist and rain, so there weren’t many pics anyway but writing a ‘short and sweet’ post turned into a long and painful slog for me! Now I’ll fill in the gaps:

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Short and sweet!

Today’s post will be short and sweet for two reasons: Firstly I’ve spent the day hammering up French motorways through mist and rain and secondly because having connected my tablet to the internet first at this hotel I now can’t connect anything else to the internet and I usually use a netbook to write the blogs as its easier than using a tablet! on the positive side I’ve covered nearly half the distance from the south of France to Calais in one day and have two days left to cover the remaining miles. also I’m now warm and dry and feeling a lot better than I did earlier today! At this point I’ve discovered that some blog functionality (like adding the ‘Read More’ tab doesn’t work with the tablet, so it’s going to be even briefer than it was. I’ll try and fill in the gaps when I have a proper internet connection again. I’d ask the hotel to rest my connection only they don’t speak English and my French isn’t up to it! doh! I can’t even add a paragraph! Sorry about this but I’m going to finish this now and try again another day when I have a proper connection! In the meantime I’ll try uploading a picture from my hotel window as it took me ages to move it from my camera to the tablet, so you may as well see it if possible (boring though it is!)

A boring view from my hotel!

A boring view from my hotel!











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1000 Miles Done!

It’s been a perfect day today; quiet and relaxing AND I got given a free glass of wine! I had a lie in and a late (large) breakfast before setting out to do some local sightseeing on the bike. I first went to Sète, a port and resort just along the coast from Cap D’Agde and then went to Béziers, one of the oldest cities in France. I liked one and disliked the other  . . .

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Time for a bit of a rest

It was pouring with rain as I left Valence headed for Montpellier, but at least I  was warm! For the first hour and a half I was riding in the poring rain and for about fifty miles I kept company with a French Triumph Speed Triple. Slowly the rain stopped and the skies started to brighten. Looking into the distance they looked even brighter. Leaving the Speed Triple rider to his own devices I pulled off at a service station and had a look at the map to see if there was anywhere aa bit further on, hopefully in the sun, that I could aim for.

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What was to be Switzerland is now France!

My work’s holiday year finishes at the end of March and I had a few days spare and was told to ‘use them or loose them’. I decided to add them to start of the Easter break to give me a decent amount of time off. Having booked the time I realised that I had suffcient time with the bank holidays to do something meaningful with it. I’d been wanting to go back to the town where my wife’s grandfather came from for nearly three years and thought that this would be ideal opportunity so booked the Channel Tunnel and the hotel Adam and I stayed in last time. As the time for departure got nearer I realised that it was very cold for the time of year in England (in fact many places were under several feet of snow!). Checking the weather forecasts and webcams for my destination in Switzerland showed that they were still skiing there; not ideal motorcycling conditions! Continue reading