Homeward Bound

After a good breakfast at the hotel I checked out and headed for down-town Abbeville to see what was happening. I soon found out: Nothing! everywhere was closed due to it being Easter Monday. Even the church was locked up! I thought that at least the church would be open on Easter Monday! I took a few photos and decided to head off to Calais early as I saw no point in wandering around empty streets looking at shuttered shops. I knew that Cite Europe was open and I wanted to pop in to get a few last minute presents and some food for supper. Continue reading

Time for reflection

I woke up feeling fit, well and rested after yesterdays general feeling of unwellness (yes that is a neologism!). The weather was dry, cold and foggy and that was good enough for me! A quick continental breakfast and I was on my way; an hour later than expected as the clocks had changed overnight unbeknown to me. Fortunately not unbeknown to my modern gizmos (eg mobile ‘phone), so they put me on the straight an narrow! The hotel was but minutes away from the Autoroute, so I pointed the bike north and dialled a suitable speed. Continue reading