Sightseeing in Chicago

After my late night and waking in the early hours I woke quite late in the morning (for me) and headed down to Lou Mitchells ( for breakfast. Lou Mitchell’s is a Route 66 institution and I can certainly say that I had a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. The scrambled eggs were the best I’ve tasted: light, fluffy and creamy :)

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Blue Chicago Blues Club

I’m a little more awake now so can say a bit more about last night. I started off by going to Carsons Restaurant ( I had a great meal of ribs and BBQ shrimp (we’d call them prawns in the UK!). It was a great meal, but the highlight had to be the waier coming up and tying a bib on me! If I’d been thinking I would have brought it away with me as it was a plastic disposable one, so I could have kept it for a souvenir.

Chris in a bib!

Chris in a bib!

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I thought I knew about the blues, I’ve seen so many Blues bands in the UK, that I thought I understood the genre. It appears not! What I saw tonight was on a completely different level. I’d popped in for a ‘quick drink’ before going to bed. I finally left, relucatantly, after I’d been up for 27 hours. I’d like to have stayed longer, it was that good, but the body was weak . . .

I’ll say more tomorrow (with pics), but I need to get some sleep now!

Night Night! (or if you’re in the UK – ‘Good Morning’)

In Chicago

I’ve finally made it to Chicago. The flight was quite good really, only 8 hours instead of the 10 I was expecting. I even managed to doze off for a while, which is unusual for me on a ‘plane. Being tall I can never usually get comfortable enough to sleep, but managed this time, so don’t feel too tired at the moment.  Continue reading

At the airport!

Well, I’ve made it to the airport thanks to my friend Colin who kindly got up at the crack of dawn to give me a lift. We’d allowed extra time because we had to go through the rush hour and the Olympics are on so they have reserved lanes on the motorways for Olympic traffic. We needn’t have worried as, though the traffic was heavy in places, we made good time. In fact I arrived early (better than being late!).

Getting here early was helpful though, as it gave me time to get a kind lady from British Airways to swap my window seat for an aisle seat. I’m sure that I’ll have a much more comfortable flight because of it!

I’ve now dropped my bag and have been through security. I don’t know what it is about me, but the portal thing always goes ‘ding’ when I walk through. I’m sure it still would if I were naked. As a result I always end up getting frisked :(

Now it’s just the boring wait for the flight!