Practice at Last!

We finally got a full practice session in good weather with a dry track, WOOOO HOOOO! About time! The big bikes came out to play and John McGuiness banged in a 129 mph lap on his second time around. Bruce Anstey also put in a 129 mph lap. Good going for the first time out on the superbikes! Moly \ Farrance and Reeves \ Sayle both did 113 mph laps in the side-cars. Even better news is that the weather forecast is now good for then remainder of the festival so, if the weather men have got it right we’re in for some great racing. Continue reading

Initial Ramblings

Welcome to TT 2013. Due to the nature of the TT I’m not going to promise regular blog updates, but will blog when I can!

I’ve been here since Saturday evening (It’s now Tuesday) and not only has it been the usual TT whirlwind since I got here, the week before departure was also a whirlwind. The day before departure was my last day at work and I was out every evening except Tuesday and Wednesday, so it was fun trying to get everything organised in time. As I needed to be off at 6.30 am the following day I made sure I was back very early on Friday evening for the final packing and an early night. Continue reading