To Start or Not to Start?

Today didn’t start well. In fact the bike wouldn’t start at all when I came to leave the hotel. Before even trying to start the bike I’d discovered that my laptop wasn’t charging. Fortunately the battery was nearly fully charged anyway. As it wasn’t too long until I leave India I felt I could cope if I rationed my laptop usage and used my tablet for general internet browsing. The main thing I need the laptop for is for posting these blogs so, with care, I can cope.

After packing up and settling the hotel bill I walked out to the bike, out the key in the ignition, thumbed the starter button and  . . . nothing! I checked the kill switch and that was OK so then tried to kick start it. No joy there either. Back in the hotel lobby I called for assistance and was told I’d get a call back. After waiting a while I went and had another go with the kick start and it fired, but then died. As it was raining I was all covered up in waterproofs and was now sweating profusely due to the warmth and my energetic exercise on the kick start.

The hotel receptionist suggested that a couple of motorcycling hotel employees have a look to see if they could get it started. They checked the same things I had, but suspecting a flat battery and wet electrics I asked if they’d give me a push. That did the trick and we got the engine going!

I’d planned to take the ‘scenic’ route and head for the coast before following the coast road south to Kochi, but having a bike I was unsure of mechanically and starting later than intended I decided to take the direct route down the N47 and had a good run back and was on course until I within about a kilometre from the hotel. At that point a police officer waved me off the main road and into the side roads where I soon became lost. Eventually, with the aid of a more friendly policeman, I made it to the hotel.

After a quick shower and a meal I had a look at the laptop and found that it worked fine on mains power with the battery out, so will continue that way until I get home.

I’ve now got the rest of my luggage back and have made arrangements to return the bike on Monday (if it starts!). I’ll take the bike for a run tomorrow to make sure it starts and also to give the battery a bit of a charge. Other than that I’m not too sure what I’m going to do, I’ll do a bit of internet research tonight and see what takes my fancy!

No pictures today as I didn’t feel inclined to stop and take pictures in case the bike stopped and wouldn’t start again! Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

3 thoughts on “To Start or Not to Start?

  1. Hi Chris!
    Shame about the frustrations – but all part of the story and another great adventure! Your tales will be recounted many-a-time and relived, quite rightly, with pride and fondness. :-) You have enjoyed a wonderful time with amazing experiences – the full impact and memories have you to be unfolded and enjoyed :-) Have a fantabulous final 24hours and a great journey home. :-)

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