Planning and Preparation Starts in Earnest


Although I’ve been planning this trip in an abstract sort of way since last August the only concrete planning and preparation I’d done was to research Route 66, book the flights, book the motorcycle hire and book hotels for the first and last few days, so today I started thinking about things in earnest.

I started by checking out the Route 66 forum at and making a few notes to go with the others I’ve been making from time to time. It’s a real good source of information with a friendly, and knowledgeable, bunch of regular contributors.

Reading the forum helped me in mapping out a provisional itinerary:

Date Start End Mileage

01/08/12 London Dep 11.45 Chicago Il Arr 14.45 3963
02/08/12 Chicago Chicago Il 0
03/08/12 Chicago Il Springfield Il 202
04/08/12 Springfield Il Rolla MO 202
05/08/12 Rolla MO Miami OK 205
06/08/12 Miami OK Oklahoma OK 193
07/08/12 Oklahoma OK Sayre OK 128
08/08/12 Sayre OK Amarillo TX 131
09/08/12 Amarillo TX Santa Rosa NM 172
10/08/12 Santa Rosa NM Grants NM 194
11/08/12 Grants NM Holbrook AZ 157
12/08/12 Holbrook AZ Seligman AZ 166
13/08/12 Seligman AZ Needles CA 135
14/08/12 Needles CA San Bernadino CA 215
15/08/12 San Bernadino CA Santa Monica CA 76
16/08/12 Contingency / Rest
17/08/12 Contingency / Rest
18/08/12 Santa Monica CA Lompoc CA 146
19/08/12 Lompoc CA Carmel CA 191
20/08/12 Carmel CA San Francisco CA 132
21/08/12 San Francisco CA San Francisco CA
22/08/12 San Francisco CA San Francisco CA
23/08/12 San Francisco CA San Francisco CA
24/08/12 San Francisco CA
25/08/12 London 5371

As I’m only going to use this as a rough guide the only things on it set in stone are the flights!

6 thoughts on “Planning and Preparation Starts in Earnest

  1. I’m so green with envy, and you haven’t even left yet!!

    Look forward to reading the updates while you’re away – remember us poor bikers in the rain back home whilst you’re enjoying the sunshine!!

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