Another Two Small Steps Forward

I became rather dispirited yesterday as I found out that the hotel I’d booked in San Francisco (SF) no longer participated in the ‘Golden Gate Greeter’ program.

When Adam and I visited SF in 2007 we had a personalised tour of SF thrown in as a ‘freebie’ by the hotel chain. The scheme, called ‘Golden Gate Greeters’ was run by the hotel chain and matched guests with volunteer guides of similar interests who then showed the guests around their city. For us it was a highlight of our trip and Bob, our ‘Golden Gate Greeter’, showed us parts of SF that we would never have found ourselves, as well as explaining the culture and history of SF in an enthusiastic and informed way. It was the thought that I’d benefit from this little ‘extra’ that made me book with the same chain again.

Finding out that the hotel chain no longer ran the program was a disappointment, however Adam suggested that I contacted Bob directly, and a Google search showed he was on LinkedIn so I shot of a ‘connect’ request. Within 6 hours Bob got back to me saying he would be delighted to meet again and we have now made arrangements to meet when I get to SF. I hope that Bob will accept a meal this time as thanks for his welcome and introduction to his fine city.

The kindness of people can be wonderful. I was at work this morning and a colleague came up to me proffering a Route 66 guide on loan for the duration of my trip (Drew Knowles’ Route 66 Adventure Handbook). I’d bought this book a couple of years ago when my wife and I had first started planning the trip, but had subsequently ‘misplaced’ it, so the chance to borrow a copy was very welcome. Thanks Tony, a very thoughtful act :)

On a practical note I’ve finally got round to re-waterproofing (I hope!) my waterproofs (which weren’t on my ride back from the TT last month). As usual I managed to waterproof almost all, but not QUITE all, of my waterproofs before the stuff ran out, so will need to get a second tin to finish off my boots. At least it will give me a chance to give my over-suit a ‘second coat’!

Its all starting to become very real now and I’m starting to get very excited!

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