Starting to Get Excited

Whilst I will have a sat-nav whilst I’m over there I’m still going to be mainly relying on maps as you can’t just enter ‘Route 66’ into a sat-nav! I’d planned on taking my tank bag, which has a handy transparent pocket on top where you can put a map, but suddenly started wondering if it would fit on an Electra Glide tank.Therefore during my lunch hour today I popped down to the local Harley dealer to have a look. I think it will fit, so I should be able to keep my chosen route reference handy and in view.

I also took the opportunity to check out the luggage capacity try the seat. The top box is of truly enormous proportions, so I should hopefully be able to find a place for everything and won’t have to start strapping things to the rear seat! As for the seat, it was like an armchair – very comfortable, though I expect I’ll still have the dreaded ‘numb bum’ by the end of a long days ride.

Just over two weeks to go now and the excitement is starting to build!



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