The First Itinerary Change

After finding out that the hotel chain no longer do the Golden Gate Greeter Program I realised that I didn’t need to book 3 nights in the hotel, so have cancelled the first night. This will give me more flexibility on the road. The new itinerary is therefore:

Date Start End Mileage

01/08/12 London Dep 11.45 Chicago Il Arr 14.45 3963
02/08/12 Chicago Chicago Il 0
03/08/12 Chicago Il Springfield Il 202
04/08/12 Springfield Il Rolla MO 202
05/08/12 Rolla MO Miami OK 205
06/08/12 Miami OK Oklahoma OK 193
07/08/12 Oklahoma OK Sayre OK 128
08/08/12 Sayre OK Amarillo TX 131
09/08/12 Amarillo TX Santa Rosa NM 172
10/08/12 Santa Rosa NM Grants NM 194
11/08/12 Grants NM Holbrook AZ 157
12/08/12 Holbrook AZ Seligman AZ 166
13/08/12 Seligman AZ Needles CA 135
14/08/12 Needles CA San Bernadino CA 215
15/08/12 San Bernadino CA Santa Monica CA 76
16/08/12 Contingency / Rest
17/08/12 Contingency / Rest
18/08/12 Santa Monica CA Lompoc CA 146
19/08/12 Lompoc CA Carmel CA 191
20/08/12 Contingency / Rest
21/08/12 San Francisco CA San Francisco CA 132
22/08/12 San Francisco CA San Francisco CA
23/08/12 San Francisco CA San Francisco CA
24/08/12 San Francisco CA
25/08/12 London 5371

Also I’ve contacted the bike hire company to see if I can get the route for Route 66 pre loaded into the sat-nav, however they’ve referred me to their self-ride tours in LA. I can’t quite see how people in LA are going to be able to load a route into a sat-nav in Chicago though. The reply e-mail also helpfully pointed out that they have moved location! I wonder if they were planning on telling me before I collected / attempted to collect the bike?


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