I had a right result yesterday. I’d been thinking about the best way of sorting out my communications. I’d found that using my UK phone in the ‘States was going to cost me £1.35 / min to make a call and £1.00 / min to receive a call with somnthing even more outrageous charged for data. I was trying to work out whether it would be better to have my iPhone unlocked or buy a cheap pay as you go ‘phone in the US. I found that a ‘proper’ unlock of my iPhone was going to cost about £55 but then I realised that (a) My initial contract was over and (b) I’d paid cash for my ‘phone to replace the one I lost, so I called the ‘phone company and they agreed to unlock my ‘phone for free. RESULT! Now I can get a US pay as you go SIM and calls home will be nearer £0.25 / min. Happy days.

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