I wonder?

It’s been a busy week. On the third ‘phone call I managed to finally get the phone unlock information. It appears that they had a wrong e-mail address for me so eventually texted it to me instead. I had been told that I would be given an unlock code to enter when I put a new SIM in the ‘phone. What actually arrived were instructions to connect to iTunes and do a fresh software install after putting a new SIM in. A bit of a problem as I won’t get a new SIM until I get to the US, and I cant install iTunes on the netbook I taking with me. I ended up cutting down an old standard SIM to iPhone size and then doing the restore (which took hours). The good news is that my ‘phone is now unlocked.

I’ve ordered my new bathroom suite and arranged to have it fitted whilst I’m away, I’ve sorted out the arrangements for Adam’s 21st birthday, which is just after I get back, and generally sorted out the little things necessary to ensure things keep ticking along smoothly whilst I’m away. Today saw me doing the bulk of my packing. I was sure that the British Airways baggage allowance was 2 checked bags, but decided that I should check anyway. It was a good job I did, as the allowance is only 1 bag! After a bit of repacking and cramming and a small rethink on what is REALLY necessary I’m down to one bag. As Sarah said, all I really need in reality is my passport, driving license and a credit card!

I wonder what I’ve forgotten to pack though?

2 thoughts on “I wonder?

  1. When we went to the west coast we took our helmets in our hand luggage.
    It was a good job we did because our main bags went missing for a day.
    But we could still ride the hired bikes for a day getting used to the roads etc, while we waited for our bags to turn up.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion William, it makes a lot of sense. I’m planning to take my helmet as carry on baggage anyway so I can keep my eye on it. I don’t fancy baggage handlers throwing it around!

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