The night before departure

Tonight is the night before departure, I think I’ve got everything sorted, but if I haven’t so be it,! I’ll just have to deal with it later. I have to admit to an amount of trepidation. I’ve not done a trip like this before on my own and, as it was a trip I originally planned to do with Simone, I’m wondering how I will feel about it once I get on the road and how my emotions will affect me. Logic tells me I’ll be fine 99.99% of the time, but there’s still that niggling doubt about how I’ll feel in the circumstances.

Today is my birthday and Adam is going to cook me a meal by way of a birthday present, I’m looking forward to that, and therefore there’s not too much to do tonight as the packing is done (apart form the stuff I need to pack last minute tomorrow morning) so I can have a relaxing night, I hope, as tomorrow will be a long day!

Just a few words about the bike I’ve hired. It’s a Harley Davidson® Electra Glide®, a 103 cu in (1690 cc) V twin motorcycle with all mod cons: screen, leg shields, six gears, anti-lock brakes, cruise control, fitted luggage, comfortable seat, radio and of course a CB radio! It’s not my normal sort of ride, but it would be rude to do Route 66 on anything but a Harley, and this is the model for the job!


I can’t guarantee that ‘mine’ will be blue, but the pic above should give you a general idea of the sort of thing I’ll be getting my leg over for three weeks or so!

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  1. Hi mate, just a quick 1 to say hope you have a great time & to be careful out there in the good ol USofA. See you soon, Steve & Sue X

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