In Chicago

I’ve finally made it to Chicago. The flight was quite good really, only 8 hours instead of the 10 I was expecting. I even managed to doze off for a while, which is unusual for me on a ‘plane. Being tall I can never usually get comfortable enough to sleep, but managed this time, so don’t feel too tired at the moment. 

If the flight was better then expected my welcome on arrival was less than expected.  It took me two hours ten minutes from arrival at immigration until I was finally allowed in. That long stood on my feet in a queue caused my inflamed Achilles tendons to flare up and they’/re still quite painful even after taking some pain killers. The shuttle bus in was waiting when I got to the stand and was soon under way with me as the only passenger. At the next terminal I was transferred on to another shuttle that was nearly full and we set off for Chicago. Despite only being 17 miles the trip took nearly one hour twenty minutes due to the heavy traffic on the freeway.

Never mind, I’m now checked into the hotel and the lady at the check in desk could not have been more helpful. She found out where the nearest blues club is and printed out directions for me after I told her I wanted to see some blues whilst I was here. I’m looking forward to that.



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