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The Book ‘A Tale of Two Trips’

Cover of book A Tale of Two Trips
Cover of book A Tale of Two Trips

Welcome to the companion site for the book ‘A Tale of Two Trips’. Here you can find additional pictures from the two trips as well as further information about Adam and Chris and their tours around California in an RV. As the site is so closeley related to the book this it is best viewed alongside the book which can be ordered from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats.

A Tale of Two Trips recounts the adventures of a father, me, and my son, Adam, touring California in a motor-home (RV). The first trip rose out of the ashes of a cancelled school trip where we had planned to go backpacking in Yosemite. We did eventually make it to Yosemite but couldn’t do the backpacking for medical reasons which required a trip to a hospital in Los Angeles. Because of this we went back the following year to finish what we had started again touring in a motorhome. During the trips we had many mishaps and setbacks. Despite these, or perhaps because of these, we felt that we had gained an immense amount from our travels.

The book is written both to entertain and inform.

ⓒ Chris Handy 2015

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